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Lemon Laws Overview

Lemon Laws exist to help you, the consumer, but they’re only beneficial if you know what they do and how you use them. At H.C. Bradley LLC, our attorney can help you with these issues. The articles linked within the Lemon Laws Overview were written to inform you what the lemon laws really are, how they operate, and what action you can take if you find yourself the owner of a lemon product.

Begin with Lemon Laws 101 as your introduction to consumer lemon protections, then move through Understanding and Warranties to dispel common myths about Lemon Laws and find out what your real protections are, then finally onto the Refund and Taking Action articles to wield your newfound knowledge against a seller or warrantor that refuses to stand by its products.

We hope you find these articles useful and informative. If you need more information please see the FAQs and sign up for the free Lemon Law ebook, and check back into the Blog section often for the most up-to-date information on the Lemon Laws and defective products. Good luck!

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