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Civil Litigation

It’s inevitable. A long, successful career as an entrepreneur means that at some point, you will have an issue escalate to the courthouse. Our practice was founded on adversarial dispute resolution, so don’t panic. As soon as you know an issue is escalating, contact us to advise you and, if necessary, take up the formal advocacy of your position to protect your interests.


Many contracts contain a provision that all disputes must be resolved through arbitration. Many times, however, an arbitration proceeding can be as complicated as a formal court proceeding. Contact us to advise you on how to successfully resolve an issue likely to be decided by an arbitration panel and, if necessary, advocate on your behalf.

Collections And Replevin

Writing off products or services delivered in good faith can’t be done with any regularity if you hope to stay in business for very long. Depending on the circumstances formal collection proceedings may be in your best interests. Contact us to advise you on cost-effective solutions for revenue and expense recovery. Collections defense strategy and advocacy services also provided.


Another method of dispute settlement is via the assistance of a neutral third party at mediation.  his method may be considered informal but having an experienced lawyer to counsel you through the process is no less important. If you have a case likely to go to mediation or are interested in initiating mediation before an existing issue escalates further, contact us to advise you on strategy and advocacy to best represent your interests.

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Call our Naperville office at 312-945-7576 or contact us online to see how we can help. Our goal is to get back to what you do best: managing your business. As always, the initial consultation is free.