Litigation Services

Civil Litigation

It's inevitable.  A long, successful career as an entrepreneur means that at some point, you will have an issue escalate to the courthouse.  Our practice was founded on adversarial dispute resolution so don't panic.  As soon as you know an issue is escalating, contact us to advise you and, if necessary, take up the formal advocacy of your position to protect your interests.


Many contracts contain a provision that all disputes must be resolved through arbitration.  Many times, however, an arbitration proceeding can be as complicated as a formal court proceeding.  Contact us to advise you how to successfully resolve an issue likely to be decided by an arbitration panel and, if necessary, advocate on your behalf.


Collections & REPLEVIN

Writing off products or services delivered in good faith can't be done with any regularity if you hope to stay in business for very long.  Depending on the circumstances formal collection proceedings may be in your best interests.  Contact us to advise you on cost-effective solutions for revenue and expense recovery.  Collections defense strategy and advocacy services also provided.    


Another method of dispute settlement is via the assistance of a neutral third party at mediation.  This method may be considered informal but having an experienced lawyer to counsel you through the process is no less important.  If you have a case likely to go to mediation, or are interested in initiating mediation before an existing issue escalates further, contact us to advise you on strategy and advocacy to best represent your interests.

Small Business Services


You need a lawyer who can understand your business and prepare the form contracts you need for use with your customers, clients and vendors, tailored specifically for the needs of your unique business.  We will also review contracts others want you to sign and help you make informed choices suitable for your business needs.  Related services include: asset sale or purchase agreements, retail sales/service or warranty contracts, rental or lease agreements, express and implied warranties, arbitration agreements, consumer protection statutes, and letters of engagement.

Business Organizations 

Whether you're organizing for the first time or considering a change in formation, we can help you decide whether a corporation (INC), limited liability company (LLC), or some other form is best for your business and personal needs and prepare the necessary paperwork.

Real Estate

Leases of commercial space are voluminous and detailed legal documents, prepared by the landlord's attorneys for the landlord's benefit.  Don't assume that because the lease was presented to you as a form doesn't mean it can't be changed to better meet the unique needs of your business.  We will help you understand the terms and conditions of the proposed lease and, if necessary, negotiate on your behalf for the revisions or additional terms necessary for the requirements of your business.  

Taxes and Licenses

Your accountant will prepare and file your business tax returns each year, but you should also have a lawyer for your business that understands the tax consequences of the transactions involved in your day-to-day activities.  In addition, whether you are involved in producing, distributing or retailing or providing a service, compliance issues abound at the state and federal level.  We will help you understand and stay compliant with the statutory tax and licensing demands unique to your business.  

Intellectual Property

If you developed a new product or service for use in your business you need to protect it.  We can protect your individual creativity and unique advantage in the marketplace by registering for federal trademark and copyright protection.  In complex cases we will work closely with a local intellectual property specialist to protect your design or method.  Related services: proprietary information/confidentiality agreements.

Other Services

The above offerings are meant only to be a representative list of the types of issues commonly requiring experienced legal counsel, and is not meant as an exhaustive list of services provided.  If you have a business related legal concern not mentioned above please contact us to see if we can help.  We'll either have a cost effective solution for your concern, or point you in the right direction to resolve it through an alternate provider.


Naperville Business Law

Forms found online or at the office supply store may meet the needs of your individual business, but most likely not.  Each business is different and your individual legal needs deserve a custom fit to your individual operations.  Fitting the needs of your business, however, doesn't necessarily mean the substantial investment of fitting a custom tailored suit - you may only need the hem of a cuff or sleeve to achieve the best results for you.  Please review the services offered below and contact us to see how we can help.  Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions for your legal needs so you can get back to what you do best, managing your business.  As always, the initial consultation is free.

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